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Crown and Bridge

Tooth loss is not anything to be ashamed of. In fact, it is very common. People may lose a tooth or several teeth because of gum disease, accident, injury, or abscess. However, when a tooth is lost, it can lead to more problems. You may experience difficulty speaking or eating properly, bite problems, changes in your appearance, and an increased risk of gum disease and decay. Thankfully, there are solutions. Crowns can be used to repair damaged teeth and even possibly prevent the need for extraction, while a bridge can replace a single or a few missing teeth comfortably and functionally.

We use non-metal aesthetic materials to craft crowns and bridges that will not only return your smile to complete health, but will leave you feeling confident in the results as well. Crowns are crafted from porcelain and shaped to look like natural teeth, then placed over the tooth/teeth that need repair. They can also hold a bridge in place, which is a row of replacement teeth with crowns on either end that fit over adjacent teeth and anchor the bridge in place. Bridges do not require surgery and are fixed in place to provide reliable and stable results.

We can restore your smile with crown and bridge restorations comfortably at our office in Spring, TX. Contact us to make an appointment.