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What Is A Crown?

A crown or cap is a restoration that covers the entire tooth, protecting and adding strength to the damaged tooth. The crown restores the normal shape and size of the tooth.
There are three types of basic crowns: those made of gold, porcelain with metal crowns, and full porcelain crowns.

Crowns made of gold: Gold crowns are appropriate when appearance is not a priority to you. We don't do gold crowns that much anymore.

Porcelain and metal crowns: Those crowns are made from porcelain fused to metal. They have a natural appearance, they are metal from the inside and porcelain from the outside, you can't see the metal.

Full porcelain crowns: It is pure ceramic. Since it doesn't have the metal substructure the translucency makes it hard to tell from natural teeth. And the problem of the dark line at the edge of the gums is eliminated. When you want to improve your smile all porcelain crowns are a beautiful and natural looking choice.

Why should I get a crown?

How do I get a crown?

It usually takes two appointments to make a crown. We want it to be comfortable to you, so the first thing we do is make sure you are numb. Then we remove any decay on the tooth, or the old filling and shape it with the handpiece, to make enough space for the crown. Sometimes to help us make a more accurate impression we put a small piece of string in the space between the tooth and the gums. This gently pushes the gums away from the tooth. We send the impressions to the laboratory and it usually takes two weeks for the lab to custom-craft the crown to perfectly fit your tooth. During those two weeks you'll have a temporary crown covering your tooth.

On your second appointment we remove your temporary crown, clean the temporary cement and try in your permanent crown. We check the fit and your bite. When everything looks good we cement it in place and you'll have a new crown.

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