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Q)  How do I know when it is time to come in for a checkup?

We recommend patients with good oral health schedule a checkup and hygiene visit twice each year. Our skilled hygienists can help determine if you require more frequent visits. Checkups are an integral part of family dentistry. Problems can be present without any pain or symptoms. For instance, demineralization is a precursor to decay, oral cancer often goes undetected until the later stages, and gum disease can be very stealthy. At your hygiene appointment, our hygienists will provide prophylactic care and keep you informed on the health of your teeth and gums.

Q)  Does your office see children?

Yes!  We will begin seeing children around the age of 3, starting your loved one on the path to lifelong oral health early. Because we are known for anxiety-free dental care techniques, we are very good at approaching children in such a way that will prevent the development of dental fears. We will ensure that your child has a positive and comfortable experience. You can learn more about Children’s Dentistry here.

Q)  What are the benefits of a digital X-ray over traditional radiographs?

Digital X-rays offer unparalleled benefits over traditional radiographs in that they are convenient, safe for the environment, provide a great opportunity for patient education, can be transferred and copied accurately, and, best of all, they are safer for our patients. Digital X-rays emit about 80% less radiation compared to traditional methods.